A Systematic Review: Gender and Sexual Diversity in Work-Integrated Learning in Higher Education Contexts
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work-integrated learning (WIL)
higher education
gender and sexuality diversity


This article presents a systematic review of published research on gender and sexual diversity (GSD) in Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in higher education. The review includes scholarly papers focussed on 'queer', 'work-integrated learning', and 'higher education'. The review excludes papers on employability, recruitment, or curriculum in higher education. Systematic searches were conducted with 14 papers identified, and following two rounds of screening, three papers were included in this review. The review sought to identify scholarship within higher education institutions globally regarding the enablers and barriers for students engaging in WIL who identify as GSD. Three key findings relate to structural barriers based upon discrimination and marginalisation: the significance of visually inclusive workplaces, the importance of support from key WIL personnel and the role of power dynamics. We conclude that research in this field is severely disregarded and underdeveloped.

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