Towards More Strategic Inclusion. Students with Disability and WIL
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Systems theory


WIL that actively includes students with disability (SwD) is an acknowledged need in the theoretical literature, however national guidelines that target the specific issues facing them and WIL providers are yet to be developed. This article applies a constructivist Career Development Learning (CDL) lens to the issue by drawing on current national research (Eckstein, 2022) into careers support in Australian universities. The research did not focus specifically on WIL, but key findings from the research are summarised in this paper so that their ramifications for WIL can be considered, and that SwD are afforded – instead of denied – important CDL opportunities. It is suggested that these opportunities be embedded in the fabric of the WIL life cycle in order to enhance SwD’s experience of inclusion, the authenticity of their engagement and their development as emerging professionals.

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